Money, language and Communication

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In Mongolia, everything is complicated with ATMs, electronic terminals and exchange offices. They are only in large settlements: Ulan Bator, Erdenet, Suhe Bator, Darkhan.

The official currency in Mongolia is Tugrik. The average market rate for December 2019 is 2.3 Russian rubles per 100 tugriks. Before entering, it is better to take care of cash in local currency and hide the Visa platinum card away – in remote areas it is definitely not useful. You can buy something or pay for the service in Russian rubles near the border points: in Hanh, Sukhbaatar. For local residents from the outback, rubles, dollars and euros are colored pieces of paper that have no value.
The country speaks Mongolian. In UlaanBaatar, Hankh and areas close to the Altai Mountains, you will be understood in Russian or English, but in remote aimaks you will have to explain it literally on the fingers. To avoid confusion, we recommend that you learn or write a few phrases in the local language. They will help solve everyday problems: buy food, fuel, arrange an overnight stay.
Traveling to Mongolia is a forced digital detox. Cellular communication in the country is poorly developed, the network is only near major cities. Satellite phones, despite the promises of the operators, also do not catch the signal well.

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